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Vacancies on the General Committee of Management

Following two retirements from the Committee in 2016, and with intimations by other long-standing Members to do likewise in the near future, the Society invites applications from individuals interested in its work and willing to commit to the role of Member and Trustee. At the present time the vacancies arise for individuals in the West of Scotland, and as established by our recent Trustee Skills Audit, we would be particularly interested to hear from individuals with experience and expertise in :

  • Welfare delivery and / or grant making to individuals
  • General medicine
  • Rural issues affecting the single and elderly.

We would nevertheless also be interested to hear from other individuals interested in trustee roles for future appointments to the Committee, from both the East and West of Scotland.


The Society is a Registered Scottish Charity, no: SC016095 operating throughout Scotland with the purpose of providing financial support to single women over the age of 50 who struggle with financial hardship.  The Society operates from 14 Rutland Square in Edinburgh, from offices it acquired in 1909.  A small staff team based in Edinburgh works alongside caseworkers based around Scotland.

The Society is a Royal Charter company. Formerly The Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland, it received its first Royal Charter in 1930, and a Supplementary Charter in 2015, at which time it became The Royal Society for the Support of Women of Scotland.

Under our Charter, the members of General Committee of Management (“the General Committee”) are the Members of the Society and comprise its charitable trustees. The Committee must comprise between 5 and 17 Members with, as far as possible, a balance in numbers between Members living in, or working in, the East and West of Scotland.  Members are not remunerated, but expenses are reimbursed.

The General Committee meets 4 times each year, one of these meetings including its Annual General Meeting. At each AGM, the 3 Members who have served longest since their last elections are required to step down and are eligible for re-election.

The General Committee meets alternately at venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow and it has a number of Sub-Committees which meet periodically in Edinburgh.  Committee meetings are held on Friday afternoons.

The Society is fortunate to be able to undertake its work with the income it derives from a significant investment portfolio, now under discretionary management with investment managers. It does not actively fundraise but welcomes legacies and donations.  In the twelve months to 31st March 2016, a total of £1,114,015 was distributed among 887 beneficiaries.

The Trustees Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year to 31 March 2016 can be found here

Recruitment process:

We intend an open recruitment process and to apply please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you would like to be involved and what skills and experience you have to offer.  Please provide details of TWO referees.

Please apply in writing to The Chief Executive, The Royal Society for the Support of Women of Scotland, 14 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BD, marked Private and Confidential, or by email directly to

Applications close on March 9th 2017.  Short-listed candidates will be asked to meet a Selection Panel for interview in March / April, and recommendations made thereafter to the General Committee in June. References will only be taken up at the time of invitation to meet the Selection Panel.

All Trustees/Members need to be able to meet the HMRC “Fit and Proper Persons” criteria for being a Charity Trustee. You can find guidance on the duties of Charity Trustees in the OSCR Guidance for Charity Trustees (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) or by clicking here.

 Person Specification:

  Essential Criteria:

  • Experience of strategic decision making.
  • Commitment to the work of the organisation.                                             
  • Willing to give the time to attend Committee meetings and undertake preparatory work.
  • Not being disqualified from acting as a company director by virtue of any provision of the Act or from acting in the management of a Scottish charity.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work as part of the Committee to further the Society’s work.
  • Able to exercise independent judgement and take reasonable care, skill and diligence in their role on the Committee.

 Desirable Criteria:

  • Previous experience on a Board of Trustees.
  • Competent computer user and able to communicate regularly by email.

 Data Protection:

All information provided in your application, or from your referees, will be used to process your application and to monitor the recruitment process in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal information on unsuccessful applicants will be held for up to 6 months and thereafter destroyed unless permission has been sought, and given in writing or electronic form, to records being retained for possible future opportunities.

 Further information: 

If you would like an informal discussion about becoming a trustee or matters relating to the role specification please call our Chief Executive 0131 229 2308.