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The Royal Society for the Support of Women of Scotland

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The Society provides support to its beneficiaries by way of an Annual Grant which  currently  amounts to £1,320. This is paid in equal monthly installments.  For some people, the Society's support may be open ended as long as the beneficiary meets the our criteria.  For others, our support may be paid for a limited period to support the person over a partcicular period or with a particular issues.

Beneficiaries are visited regularly by one of the Society's Caseworkers. These visits occur every year or two depending on the circumstances.  The main purpose of the visit is to complete an up to date financial assessment in order that we can assess your continued eligibility for our grant. The Caseworker’s visit can also provide an opportunity to discuss in confidence, any anxieties or worries that the beneficiary may be experiencing.  She can provide an often welcome “listening ear”, and although unable to offer direct advice, she can often provide you with contact details of other organisations which may be of help. 

From time to time the Society may distribute Supplementary Grants to those beneficiaries on the lowest incomes and savings.  Such grants should not be relied upon for regular income.  For exisitng beneficiaries, the Society may make an advance payment of up to iro £500 to help with particular costs and their monthly grants are then reduced (or suspended) for a period whle these advances are recovered.  

Please note that the Society does NOT provide one-off or occasional single grants for specific items of expenditure.