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Applicants who are admitted to the Society's "Roll of Beneficiaries" receive  an Annual Grant which currently  amounts to £1,320 paid in equal monthly installments.  For some beneficiaries, the Society's support will continue on an ongoign basis provided they continue to meet the Society's criteria.  For other beneficiaries, the Society's support may be time limited to help them during a particular stage in their life.

From time to time the Society distributes  Supplementary Grants to those beneficiaries with the lowest incomes and savings.  Such grants should not be relied upon for regular income, but in practice provide welcome additional support to recipients.  The Society can also offer advance payments to exisiting beneficiaries of up to around £500 if they have a particular expense.  Any such advance is then recovered through reduced (or suspended) grant payments over the next few months.

It is important that the Society monitors each beneficiary's circumstances, to ensure that they continue to be eligible for the charity's support. To achieve this, beneficiaries are visited by one of the Society's Caseworkers approximately once every year or two depending on the circumstances.  At each visit an up to date financial assessment is completed. Beneficiaries are advised of the visit several weeks beforehand and asked to ensure that bank statements and other documents are available on the day.

The Caseworker’s visit can also provide an opportunity to discuss in confidence, any anxieties or worries that the beneficiary may be experiencing.  The Caseworker can provide an often welcome “listening ear”, and although unable to offer direct advice, can often provide you with contact details of other organisations which may be of help. 

Beneficiaries are asked to notify the Society of major changes to their circumstances which occur between visits. Such changes include changes of address, telephone number, emergency contact and significant changes to capital or income. The Society will no longer support beneficiaries who move into nursing homes or long-term care, or who move to live outwith Scotland.

When a beneficiary is found to no longer meet the Society's criteria, they will be withdrawn from the Society's Roll and further payments will cease. In every case the door is left open to the individual to re-apply in future, subject to meeting the Society's criteria at that stage.The Society reserves the right to "suspend" payments to beneficiaries as an interim measure, pending clarification of their circumstances.

Beneficiaries will also receive periodical Newsletters, Christmas cards and other occasional communications from the charity. The Society will not pass any beneficiary's details to any mailing house.