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There is no "typical" beneficiary of the charity;- subject to meeting the Society's admission criteria, all of our beneficiaries are individuals, with their own backgrounds, current circumstances and present needs. A few examples of how the  award of a regular grant from the Society can make a difference to individuals' lives can be found below...   

Ms  L  recently had a new neighbour move into the flat above her and since then her life had become very difficult because of her neighbour’s drug issues and anti-social behaviour.  Although she had no previous plans to move, Ms L requested a move to sheltered accommodation. She had no savings and was concerned about removal and resettlement costs.  The Society’s award of a regular grant helped towards these costs and  Ms L is now settled into a very comfortable sheltered flat, and more importantly she no longer suffers from the effects of anti-social behaviour outside her own home. 

Miss D has lived in the family croft all her life. It is situated in a very remote and rural location of Scotland where public transport links are very poor, so a car is essential to her all year round. It also enables her to visit her elderly mother who lives some distance away. The Society’s  quarterly grant payments help pay for the expense of running her car which is a lifeline to her.

Ms M, who is 56 years of age, has recently been made redundant from her job and is finding it very difficult to gain further employment despite numerous job applications. Her only income at the moment is Job Seeker’s Allowance and she is finding it very difficult to make ends meet. She applied to the Society to be considered for a grant as her current income is below the Society’s income ceiling, and was delighted when her application was accepted. The grant will help towards her everyday living costs.

Mrs P was very worried about an unexpected and expensive repair to her roof. Her only income was her State Pension and she had very little savings. In order to pay the cost of the repair, she would have no choice but to cut back on essentials such as heating and food. The Society’s quarterly grant arrived just in time enabling Mrs P to pay for the repair and at the same time help alleviate her anxiety.

Ms R, who is 82 years of age, has been partially blind for many years. She lives alone and must rely on others to help her with her weekly shopping, gardening, and household chores. She also relies on taxis to take to her regular medical appointments and although her Attendance Allowance helps towards these expenses, she cannot afford to pay for the extras which make her life a little more enjoyable. The Society’s regular grant payments also help her to retain her independence, for example by purchasing some specialised cooking aids for the kitchen which enabled her to continue to cook her own meals.