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The Society is very well aware of the administrative burdens with which Scottish charities must comply, and considers itself fortunate that our scale of operations is significant enough to be able to cope with these.  We know that for many smaller charities this is not the case. 

The Society has historically received funds from charities which have been wound up, and in two of these cases we are still maintaining payments to their beneficiaries. A few years ago we were fortunate to receive half of the funds of the Airth Benefactory Trust, and have taken on, as full beneficiaries of the Society, a number of its beneficiaries who met our criteria. 

We have at the same time, expertise and systems which could be more widely applied if smaller charities wanted to work with us. There are a range of scenarios which can be imagined and we would be interested in discussing possibilities. 

If you are involved with another charity and feel there may be ways we could work together, please get in touch...