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How to apply

The Society does need to understand your personal and financial circumstances when making a decision whether we can support you, but we want to do whatever we can to make the process of applying to us for support as easy and stress-free as possible.  We are a friendly and approachable team and we take great care of your personal information – see here.  Please do not let personal pride and independence put you off taking the first step towards getting the help you need.

Please remember the Society can ONLY support women who are:

  • 50 years old or over
  • Living in Scotland (and have been living here for at least 2 years)
  • Single – we CAN NOT help if you remain legally married (unless you have a formal separation agreement) even if you split from your spouse many years ago.

Please see here for more details about our criteria.

Please also bear in mind that:

  • The Society DOES NOT give one-off or single grants for specific items of expenditure.  Please do not apply if this is what you need as we will not be able to help you.  You may be able to find other organisations who may be able to help here.

It helps the Society if you can apply online

Apply Online

If you cannot apply online, you can download a copy of our application form and post it back to us after completing it (along with any supporting documents which we will return to you).

Download a Paper Application

We are also happy to post you a copy of our application form.  You can phone us (and leave a message if we are not in), or email or use our enquiry form.  Use the link below for our contact details but remember, however you contact us, please make sure you give us your full name and full address (including Postcode) so we can send you the form.

Ask us to send you an Application Form

Other sources of help

Whether or not the Society is able to help you, the following links may lead you to additional sources of financial help.

An Edinburgh Charity providing services to support the well-being and independence of older people.

A Charity supporting people who have worked in Horticulture (and/or their dependants).

A Charity providing a broad range of support to those who have worked in the Automotive Industry (and/or their dependants).

A Charity providing financial assistance and support to people who have worked in agriculture or other land-based industries (and/or their dependants).

The Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland:

A Charity that gives assistance to members of the nursing profession who trained or worked in Scotland.

Nurses Memorial Fund:

A Charity providing grants to current and former nurses in Scotland who are experiencing hardship.

A Charity providing lifelong support to those who are serving, or who have ever served, in the Armed Forces (and/or their dependants).


The BEN exists to help care for former and current members of the Licensed Trade, both financially and in other ways.

Helps people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants, and support services.


A free national helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people in Scotland.

Citizens Advice

Helps people resolve their money, legal and other problems by providing information and advice.