Whether or not the Society is able to help you, the following links may lead you to additional sources of financial help.

Lifecare: www.lifecare-edinburgh.org.uk

An Edinburgh Charity providing services to support the well-being and independence of older people.

Perennial: www.perennial.org.uk

A Charity supporting people who have worked in Horticulture (and/or their dependants).

BEN: www.ben.org.uk

A Charity providing a broad range of support to those who have worked in the Automotive Industry (and/or their dependants).

RSABI: www.rsabi.org.uk

A Charity providing financial assistance and support to people who have worked in agriculture or other land-based industries (and/or their dependants).

The Benevolent Fund for Nurses in Scotland: www.bfns.org.uk

A Charity that gives assistance to members of the nursing profession who trained or worked in Scotland.

Nurses Memorial Fund: www.nursesmemorial.org.uk

A Charity providing grants to current and former nurses in Scotland who are experiencing hardship.

SSAFA: www.ssafa.org.uk

A Charity providing lifelong support to those who are serving, or who have ever served, in the Armed Forces (and/or their dependants).

The BEN: www.bensoc.org.uk

The BEN exists to help care for former and current members of the Licensed Trade, both financially and in other ways.

Turn2us: www.turn2us.org.uk

Helps people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants, and support services.

Silverline Scotland: www.thesilverline.org.uk

A free national helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people in Scotland.

Citizens Advice Scotland: www.cas.org.uk

Helps people resolve their money, legal and other problems by providing information and advice.